Our Vision… is His Mission

To persuade all people everywhere to be followers of Jesus, by:

  • Proclaiming repentance and the forgiveness of sins to all people everywhere
  • Baptizing all people everywhere
  • Teaching all people everywhere to live according to all that Jesus has commanded

It’s a big mission that comes with a bigger promise – that we’re not going at it alone.
It’s His mission and it’s accomplished with His presence and His empowerment.

Our Values

You won’t have to spend too much time hanging around Cityview before you realize these are some of the things we value the most around here. These are some of what we call Values, or truths that we’ll emphasis again and again as we carry our His Mission:

  • God’s Sovereignty

    The center of gravity in the solar system of Christian truth—producing believers and churches that are humble yet confident

  • God’s Grace

    Grace declares that God’s love for us is unconditional, unchanging, and complete.

  • God’s Word & Holy Spirit

    Preaching from the Bible, allowing the Holy Spirit to break in to guide us

  • Community

    Develop honest and close relationships—committed to serve and care for each other, demonstrating the love of Jesus

  • Mission

    God has made all of us to be witnesses and ambassadors.

  • Prayer

    God not only desires His people to pray, but He also hears and answers prayer.

  • Serving

    We don’t serve to simply get a job done, but to imitate Christ.

  • Hospitality

    Words, actions, and attitudes of love and acceptance towards others

  • Generosity

    God is generous—and so are His kids.

  • Team Leadership

    Leaders with various gifts serve His church as a team.

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