Confluence Churches

We believe that the body of Christ is a big place, spread across all the world including all followers of Christ over all of time. This works itself out in the life of the Church through relationships between people, but also between groups of people: local churches.

When local churches that share common values and purpose come together, it creates both safety and blessing in both directions. It not only establishes stability in the local church, but it also allows those churches to do more for the kingdom of God than they could ever do by themselves.

In the United States, we are working with around 30+ churches that identify as Confluence Churches. For more information go to

Confluence is connected to a worldwide family of churches called Newfrontiers. We are linked with these churches through common values, genuine friendship and a commitment to see churches established and strengthened in every corner of our world. This relationship with trans-local leadership encourages our leaders at Cityview to simultaneously look at what is happening in our local church and also own a vision for what God is doing around the world.

Newfrontiers was founded in the UK by Terry Virgo and today it consists of around 1500 churches, working with different apostolic leaders in over 70 nations. Newfrontiers is a growing group of apostolic leaders partnering together on global mission, joined by common values and beliefs, shared mission and genuine relationships. To find out more go to

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