Hello Cityview family,
As we find ourselves in this difficult season as a country and as individuals, it is especially important to stay connected.
This Sunday will be our Second Cityview Sunday Cyber Service. Our tech team has bravely fought and conquered the technical issues experienced last week and were poised to livestream for this next week. However, due to the health risks involved followed by the stay-at-home order given by Governor Wolf, we are doing this week's service differently.

At 9:30 Sunday morning we will be posting several videos on the Cityview Facebook Page Please know that you do not need to have a Facebook account to access this. It is a public website open to anyone on the internet. Our worship time will be links to several songs in lieu of our worship team coming together to lead us. Gary Mummert has recorded a message for us from home.


More than ever, let's walk together through this season. Call someone who is more at risk than you to see if they need anything. It's a blessing to hear of this taking place in the body. When we are isolated physically, we need to be intentional to communicate with each other through phones and computers. We are blessed to have alternatives to walking alone. Let's make use of them. 

 May God's peace, safety, provision, and patience be each of ours through the Holy Spirit!
Troy, for the elders.

Our Messages

You Are Anxious About Many Things, Luke 10:38-42 [August 4 2019]
Yes We Can...Through Him, 1 Thessalonians 5:24 [July 28 2019]
And He was Speechless, Matthew 22:1:1-14 [July 21 2019]
Where are the Nine? Luke 17:11-19 [July 14 2019]
Encourage One Another, 1 Thessealonians 4:13-18 [July 7 2019]
A Great Multitude from Every Nation, Revelation 7:9-10 [June 30 2019]
He Knows What You're Going Through, Isaiah 53:1-6 [June 23 2019]
Captive to the Word, John 8:42-59 [June 16 2019]
Participants in Growth, Acts 2 [June 9 2019]
Participants in Generosity, Mark 12:41-44 [June 2 2019]
Participants in Serving, I Corinithians 12 [May 26 2019]
Grace and Love [May 19 2019]

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