Hello Cityview family,
As we find ourselves in this difficult season as a country and as individuals, it is especially important to stay connected.
This Sunday will be our Second Cityview Sunday Cyber Service. Our tech team has bravely fought and conquered the technical issues experienced last week and were poised to livestream for this next week. However, due to the health risks involved followed by the stay-at-home order given by Governor Wolf, we are doing this week's service differently.

At 9:30 Sunday morning we will be posting several videos on the Cityview Facebook Page Please know that you do not need to have a Facebook account to access this. It is a public website open to anyone on the internet. Our worship time will be links to several songs in lieu of our worship team coming together to lead us. Gary Mummert has recorded a message for us from home.


More than ever, let's walk together through this season. Call someone who is more at risk than you to see if they need anything. It's a blessing to hear of this taking place in the body. When we are isolated physically, we need to be intentional to communicate with each other through phones and computers. We are blessed to have alternatives to walking alone. Let's make use of them. 

 May God's peace, safety, provision, and patience be each of ours through the Holy Spirit!
Troy, for the elders.

Sunday Mornings

Every week, Cityview Church gathers together to connect with God and with one another. We meet on Sundays at 9:30am at our church building located at 1655 Roosevelt Ave, York, opposite the new UPMC Memorial Hospital in Manchester Township.

We would love for you to come and visit us on Sunday, here’s what you can expect:

  • A warm and friendly environment where everyone is welcome
  • A joyful, expressive time of worship where we expect to experience the presence of God
  • A Christ-centered, sound biblical message relevant to life
  • A safe and fun environment for your children with classes up to grade 6
  • Opportunity to receive prayer for any issue in your life

Here’s what not to expect:

  • Don’t expect to find a crowd of perfect people. Only the Word of God is infallible, the people and the pastor are not. We are a group of sinners enjoying our new identity as saints who fellowship together because Christ has paid the price for our sins on the Cross.
  • Don’t expect to find yourself in the latest self-help program, leadership seminar, or New Age meditation technique. Rather, come expecting to lose your sin, guilt, and shame in the glorious presence of Jesus and His sin-destroying, faith-creating Word.
  • Don’t expect to be entertained by a worship band performing for you. But you will be invited to join in raising our voices with songs that tell what Christ has done for us and to enjoy His presence together with various expressions of spiritual gifts.
  • Don’t expect a message that sends you away with a list of things to do to make you more pleasing in the sight of God. But you will be given assurance that God, through Christ, and by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, has given you a desire to serve Him and your neighbor.
  • Don’t expect to leave the Sunday morning Service with all your personal problems solved. Instead, you will leave with the assurance that your conscience need not be troubled because God offers you the gift of faith in Christ and an eternity with Him.
  • Don’t expect to find a celebrity culture, but one of substance. You will not find a church culture built on the personality or one or two people, but one founded on warm, real relationships.


What should I wear?

Whatever you normally wear. We are more concerned with getting to know you than with what you wear. At Cityview you'll see nearly every style of clothing.

What if I have other questions?

Each Sunday, you will find smiling people to greet you as you arrive. They will be able to direct you to children’s classrooms and assist you in whatever you may need. Because we value real relationships, our pastor and church leaders seek to be transparent and approachable. Most Sunday mornings you will find the pastor and other leaders visiting with people as they arrive. Also, following the Sunday service, the pastor and other leaders are always available to answer questions, say ‘hi’, and to pray for you.

You can also always feel free to shoot us an email. Our email address is [email protected].

What about my kids?

We love kids at Cityview, and we’ve been blessed with lots of them. Please see our Children’s Ministry page for all you need to know about the exciting opportunities for your children here at Cityview.

What happens at a Sunday gathering?

On most Sundays, we will have about 30 minutes of contemporary worship during which time you can feel free to stand or sit. Sometimes our members might share a prayer, a bible reading or a word of encouragement for everyone. At the end of worship, parents can take their children to our kids program and then we will hear a Christ-centered, sound biblical message. Each week there is always an opportunity to receive prayer for any situation and to respond to the message with worship. Our Sunday morning service typically last just an hour and a half.

Get In Touch

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